View Full Version : SOLD: Ribz front pack

02-20-2012, 15:51
I picked up a couple Ribz packs recently and now have more than I need. Up for sale is a black full size that I got about a month ago from millergear here. I used it once and he had used it once or twice. Still in great shape, just like the size of the UL version better for my needs.

$35 shipped conus. PayPal only

Tacky Hiker
02-20-2012, 15:52
Can you send me a pic? Interested in one since I have a smaller pack now.

Edit: Do you know the weight?

02-20-2012, 15:59
I'll post one in a few....got to run home...at the shop now.

Here is a link to the Ribz site. Be aware that they have changed a few details for this year. http://www.ribzwear.com/product/

Tacky Hiker
02-20-2012, 16:04

What capacity is it?

02-20-2012, 16:11
This is the 700 cubic inch version.



Tacky Hiker
02-20-2012, 16:24
Payment Sent !!

02-20-2012, 16:31
Sold. Thanks Tacky Hiker.