Molly Macpack Inspired Winter Sock.

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I see what you mean. I would basically have to start from scratch with a new one on this project. I did it by making two halves that are straight along the top where the ridge-line is, and curved under the bottom to follow the contour of the hammock when sewn together. Then I cut the entry hole and added the flap.

  • Put pockets in the extension.
  • Mine has pockets all along the bottom of the flap. Three large pockets to add weight. After making a couple of extra small adjustments I'll do a video

    See, there is no need for vertical cuts in your sock... unless you just like them!
    I like 'em. I wanted a smaller than the entire top hole. I'll show in the video.

    You are entyrely welcome!

    - MacEntyre
    I'll shake your hand again when I see you next. Maybe some bourbon and cigars.
  • 08-03-2010, 19:45
    SGT Rock
    Video being added and optimized at:
  • 08-03-2010, 19:55
    Looks great.
  • 08-03-2010, 19:59
    Just Jeff
    That's a great design, Rock/Mac.

    I was thinking of a sock design that follows this idea, but has the "entry hole" on both sides, and the flap/door is removable. It will have some buttons/holes along the top at the head/foot ends. Then I can put a bug net over it in the summer and a DWR flap over it in the winter.

    Also, that means I can remove the flap when it's a little warmer, and add it when the wind picks up at night.

  • 08-03-2010, 20:08
    SGT Rock
    I just realized that hammock forums had enable youtube tags.
  • 08-03-2010, 20:35
    Love the sock. That looks very serviceable and handy. Thanks for the vid!
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