This past weekend I decided to try a new adventure that Kurk Papke informed me about while on the NCT group hang back in June. A few of us were talking around the fire about whether we normally took solo trips or with a group. I am normally a solo backpacker simply because I just don't know too many people that enjoy hiking 10-15 miles a day with 20+ pounds strapped to there backs. Also sometimes you just need that time to your self to disconnect. That when Kurk told me about a group here in the Twin Cities that takes backpacking trips a few times a month and I should look into them. So after some lurking on their site(we all know what that's like) and summer full of solo treks, I found a trip that worked with my schedule and decide to take the plunge. It turned out to be a real good time.

I got to meet some really great people, one of whom is a fellow hanger. I told him about the forum so hopefully he will soon join us. (real interesting guy who work at the Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center)

I got to test out my new suspension on my HH (thanks Fin ).

Did some agget hunting. Didn't find any aggets but I did find this little guy. Anybody know what he is please let me know. About eight inches long with a red belly.

Took an exhilarating shower in Caribou Falls that literally took my breath away.

And of course getting to spend some time on the Superior Hiking Trail and along the North Shore.

After years of mostly solo hikes, twice in one summer I decide to take a chance and meet a group of strangers in the woods and end up making some wonderful memories. I think it speaks volumes to the type of people we have in our outdoor community. Looking forward to the next time we get to share a hang !

Peace, Ben