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Thread: SC Hangers?

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    SC Hangers?

    Hey! My family is planning to head down to SC to visit some relatives down there - (I'm from Louisville, Ky.) and we were looking for good campgrounds near the Rock Hill area. Anyone from around there who has some info, I would love to hear from you! I'm good to go anywhere with trees, but about half the family is ground dwellers...

    I've converted the rest!

    What would be ideal would be a site with things to do (sights, hiking, mtn biking) but something that also has showers. The ladies want showers. I think they might want air conditioning as well, but for now, we've talked them down to just showers.

    Any ideas? Much appreciated...

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    King's Mountain State Park is in the general area. A lot of Revolutionary War history there. (google the battle of King's Mountain)
    They have two camping areas, primitive with a couple of port-a-jons and community water spigot or the family campground. The family side is what you would want. It's been about 10 years but there were plenty of trees, nice bath house, and a lot of trails. They have a 20 mile loop that you can hike or backpack as far as you want and then back. There was also a nice hike from the family camping area to the Kings Mountain National Monument a couple of miles away maybe. Last I heard, they had to close some trails due to wind damage until it was cleared.
    Here is a link

    Andrew Jackson State Park is also close, but I've never been there.
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