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I just ordered the Speer 8.0A hammock setup without the tarp.
I will use my SG 9x9 tarp.
I talked to Ed about the problems I had with the pads slipping out the foot end of the hammock. He told me to try the mesh shelf liner used in kitchen cabinets. Luckily I have some at home. I have used them in my tarptent when my pads slide. Not sure why I didn't think of that.
I'm looking really seriously at the IIIA without the tarp. That comes with the bug screen, correct?

Of all the other hammocks out there, it looked almost as minimalist as my ENO Single Nest, but with a little "extra".

If I could have figured out how to order it without the tarp on the website tonight, it'd be on its way.

It'll still be here before I do SNP in a week or so. I'm doing 30-50 miles in the FHT this week to wake up my legs again, and to make sure that my tarp-hanging system works in-the-wild.