I weigh about 180lbs.

How durable is the single 1.1 Blackbird?

17oz - single 1.1
15oz - Shenandoah UQ
Reasoning: full length UQ to cover legs because of no pad for insulation.
Wouldn't want a pad sliding around in the hammock with me.

24oz - double 1.1
12.5 - yeti
5.3 - 3/8" Thinlight pad
Reasoning: Sleeping pad insulates legs, 3/4 length yeti doubled with pad provides extra insulation for torso. Pad also usable for sitting on and to pad the back of a frameless pack.

I also considered the Yeti with the single 1.1, in this case I would stuff my rain jacket and whatever else i could find under my legs.

17oz (single1.1) + 12.5 yeti = 29.5

Your thoughts are appreciated. Can anyone attest to the durability of the single 1.1 layer?

Primary use: PCT section hiking and JMT/yosemite 3 season.