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    really like the bamboo fencing too
    Love my JRB BMB

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    Quote Originally Posted by tpkanu View Post
    This is a cool idea.

    I wonder if anyone is using this style bugnet?

    Did anyone try to raise the internal ridgeline?

    Can you sit up in this style bugnet?
    Hi tpkanu,

    I don't know if you are still interested in this. Especially since this thread is 7 years old. But I have posted the instructions on how to make this in my SGB thread. There have been some design changes, but it is mostly the same.

    I feel like a ridge line gets in my way if I try to make it low, such as this bug net would call for. I don't use a ridge line. I have learned how to hang it at the right height and tension, and I use a pouch for storage. It makes lounging in the hammock as a chair more comfortable without a ridge line too.

    You definitely can NOT sit up inside the hammock with the bug curtains closed.

    I don't know if TeeDee ever checks in here. But if you do, please let us know where your bridge designs have taken you.
    Designer of the Semi-Gathered Bridge hammock

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