I have just bought a Hennesy Hammock, the Explorer Deluxe, looking forward to it. I haven't slept in a hammock before and want to get my techniques down.

One of the big reasons I'm looking forward to my HH is that I hear its easier to shift.

Lots of people say they are back sleepers or side sleepers, well I'm a everything sleeper and I shift between them many many times throughout the night. In a regular bed I'm able to subconsciously shift positions to a more comfortable position with out waking up. The problem with camping is that when I shift its usually to an uncomfortable position which wakes me up.

So my main question is, what can I do to increase shiftability in my hammock. I was thinking maybe making a silk cover on my pad, maybe some wings on it. Then wearing fleece, I should slip around in there all night, right?

Any input?