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    Quote Originally Posted by warbonnetguy View Post
    The fabric can hold more than you’d want to put in there, meaning that before capacity is reached you’ll start to experience a good deal of stretch, which will decrease flatness (both head-toe and shoulder to shoulder). This decrease in flatness will be most notable while laying on your side, so if you’re a back-only hammock sleeper or are willing to give up a little to save on packweight, then go with the “up-to” rating. If packweight doesn’t matter a whole lot, then go by the "max-flatness" rating.

    SL 1.1 (grey): up to 185#, Max-flatness for folks under 140#.

    DL 1.1 (grey): up to 250#, Max-flatness for folks under 200#.

    SL 1.7 (olive green): up to 240, Max-flatness for folks under 185#

    DL 1.7 (olive green): up to 375, Max-flatness for folks under 300#.
    another good bit of info to put on your website (when you get time )
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    another good bit of info to put on your website (when you get time )
    that's from the info that's going on the new one

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