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    Finally - They Are ALL Here

    We now have all 4 hammocks that we ordered on the 10th.

    ENO Double Nest
    HH Exped Ultralight
    Clark TX200

    The Clark was by far the most expensive and looks really cool, but they took 5 days longer to ship here than anyone else. Minus 1 (almost 2) points for Clark!

    We have set up each one as they came just to check them out...really couldn't help myself! But now that we have all 4, I will find a place where we can try to get them set up together and close for some good photo and video-documenting as we make our decision.

    Sure wish we had a WBBB to try out, but the wait time was too long.

    It would be great if I could find a large pavilion to set them up nice and orderly for the test.

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    The Blackbird is worth the wait - you should see if anyone nearby will let you borrow one for your test.

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