I'm finding the triangle rings on the suspension system tend to slip on my bb. I add one of those slippery half hitch kinda things but that sometimes slips a bit too.

I have a set of cinch buckle straps that I got from a fellow member on this forum that I use on my eno and just love how quick and easy adjustments are made on it. It also never slips. Is there any cons about this type of device? I hadn't yet found any?!

there's also other suspension systems out there, but I'm only interested in the knotless types ...... and just what is a whoopie sling that I've heard mention of? I hadn't seen any pics of this ....

also, I have a right footbox bb and I think I really need a lefty model instead. so I guess I don't want to muck up this hammock until I get my lefty model.