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Thread: eva 4'x8' x1/4"

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    eva 4'x8' x1/4"

    Gathering info here to setup a first time summertime overnight.
    I am a lifelong afternoon nap hammock user. We are ready to take the leap.

    Do not want to rush to purchase some of the gear we have already chosen for our wishlist.
    Want to adapt current gear for the summer. Then get or DIY UQ in fall. (perhaps the Speers Snugfit )

    The pad as fairly inexpensive isolation is intriguing.
    Do not want to have it inside the hammock. Figuring a plan to make a eva UQ.

    We have a 4'x8'x1/4" eva foam slab/sheet. ( as a travel mat for our large old dog. )
    about $17 or $18 (at BJ's, like Coscos )
    Best-Step brand,

    Currently car tent camping. Therefore we have many choices of gear.
    Summer in the Catskills Mts NY can be very hot or get into the forties.
    We go prepared, but leave the downsleepingbags at home ( used only as cover even in the spring&fall ).

    We have two 4'x6' bedroom down throws ( lightweight ).
    Two one layer polartech-like sleepingbags with zipper.
    A fullbed-size polartech blanket and queensize.(plus queensize airmattress ).

    Had expected to tie cord+carabiner at the corners and hang one or more of those as an UQ.
    Then while reading here began thinking about a evaUQ.

    Knowing that in the future at least one of us may join friends to bicycle or kayak camping&hanging
    do not want to rush to buy gear that may not be the best choice for either of those.

    One or both of us are going to sleep overnight in the hammocks next month.

    If anyone has experience or thoughts about eva UQ laced into shape it would be appreciated.

    What is evazote?
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    Last week we went from skyGazer & landscapeGazer to nightHangers on nearly-fullmoon nights.

    Loved it. No tarp. Moonlight, moonshadows and gently moving treetops.

    Cool to the low50's, second night mid50's.

    Planned to diagonal cut a 4'x4' sheet of eva into one long torso section and
    two ( triangle ) side sections. Lace the two side triangles to the torso section at shoulder position.
    Then hang it with shock cords ( cheap bungees with all metal cut off ) from suspension.

    Will still try this next time.

    Made :

    First night : cool; made underpad out of cheap air mattress : punched (hole punch) two holes in all four corners, made cord loops and shockcord loops and hung from suspension.

    Made a NeatSheet cocoon between airmattress and hammock.
    Attached large NeatSheet folded in half. Wrapped around and over.
    Cocoon anchored in one spot, two punched holes in NeatSheet and airmattress in torso area.
    NeatSheet is not slippery and tends to stay where you crinkle it into place.
    Easy to 'tent' over your face to keep out cold or breeze.

    Second night : warmer, my husband joined the hang.
    He is tall, therefore opened the NeatSheet on the diagonal.
    Folded foot tip thru hammock carabiner and tied off, making a foot box for him.
    Top folded and tied off with large loop of shockcord.
    Left and right tips / flaps, he could adjust over top. This worked well.

    The second night I used air mattress and diagonal regular size neatsheet( toys-r-us brand, which is thicker and has inside corner weights).

    NeatSheets can be rolled up and placed underneath hammock, out of the way when getting in or out.
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