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    TLG Hammocks featured in Penthouse!!

    Not sure how many of you reading this are on our mailing list or following us on Facebook/twitter, etc. but in case you missed it Trek Light Gear's Double Hammocks were featured in Penthouse's summer issue! I know you all like seeing hammocks get some national exposure as much as I do and while it's questionable how many people actually read the article, it's honestly great news for getting lightweight hammocks some big media attention. The article was about summer camping gear and they recommended the Double Hammocks as a great way to go camping with your significant other. If any of you need an excuse to go pick up an issue purely for the sake of expanding your hammock literature, it says '3rd Annual Badass Issue' on the cover (yes, I'm pretty proud of that fact alone) - I'm not sure when it will get replaced by the next issue but it's been out most of the summer.

    Penthouse also did a giveaway of 10 TLG hammocks and they said the response to the contest was huge - looks like we found a new audience of hangers!

    FYI - The attached picture is just a small thumbnail of the article and SFW.
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    Ha! Thats Killer. I am going to buy a Treklite, and a Penthouse!

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