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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Hat View Post
    The hardest part is finding a box long enough. I am a packrat and happened to have an old box that had been used for a good size picture frame mailed to me. I put the two packs in and took it to the PO. It would be over $25 to use priority due to the size, not the weight. So I shipped parcel post. Easy, peasy. Mule should have them in a week or so.
    Please PM me your paypal address again and i will send another 15 dollars for the extra shipping. I suspected this would be more. I cannot send email right now for some reason, so pm me. Mule
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    I put my packs in a tall kitchen garbage bag and taped it up good. UPS wanted a huge fee for an unofficial package but the USPS was much more accommodating.
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