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    Hey guys! I just had my first overnight hang in my NX-250 and I absolutely LOVE IT! I am in S.E. NM it was low 30's all night. Saturday I took off to the High Guads for my first hang and cold test. I have had many nights out here in a tent. Setup went just how i thoughts, fast and easy! That night I hung out and read for a couple of hours about 7-9p, crashed out and woke up around 6a, which is typical, looked outside and it was snowing. I heard the rain lightly dripping on my tarp throughout the night and then sleet, which all froze and let me see how the tarp held up to the extra weight, which was great. I had my pee bottle in my right pocket which came in really handy, set it down and went back to sleep until, amazingly, 9a. I slept on a thermarest air mattress (which slid around after turning a time or two that morning, sucked) then I had two mummy bags both open, one on the bottom and one on top! Those worked great. A tee shirt, long johns, and wool socks. Without the mattress under me I could feel a draft, but with it everything was great. I was warm all night and all morning. 6am it was 28 degrees, 9am it was 30 degrees. I did not want to get up. But I forgot to leave my coffee by me. That is the best nights sleep I have ever had in the wilderness. I never need to stay in a tent again! I am 6'6", 170 pounds and the NX-250 had plenty of room both ways for me. I slept on my back, but mostly on my sides. I guess I need a rubber mat instead of my mattress to prevent slipping like Mak suggested earlier. I did have some sag in the a.m....I don't know if it was my Slap Straps or what....I wished I had another night to play around but I'll have to wait. Trying to read more about underquilts, find out which one I need...suggestions??? JRB?? I heard clark is coming out with a UQ soon?!?
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