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    SOLD: Cleaning out the gear closet

    In an effort to 1) clean up some of the accumulation in the gear closet and 2) a need for funding to buy more gear, I am listing the following items for sale:

    1) REI Ti Ware 1.3L nonstick pot. Used on one trip. No dings or scratches. Includes original nylon sack. Retail value of $59.50, available for $40 including shipping.

    2) (SOLD) GSI Dualist cooking system. Includes 1.8L Halulite pot, two neoprene insulated covered "cups" (20oz) and two bowls (also 20oz). This was an early set that did not include the sporks that are included in the current retail version. Never used in the wild, just a couple of kitchen boil tests. Retail value $59.95, available for $40 including shipping. This is a very nice small kit, it just didn't work for what I wanted... SOLD.

    3) MSR Windpro stove (remote canister type). Used only for some kitchen testing. Excellent condition. Weighs 6.5oz. Very nice wide flame pattern, very stable 3 leg integrated stand. Includes maintenance key and aluminum windscreen. I do not have original packaging. Retail value is 89.95, available for $50 including shipping.

    4) MSR DromLite 4L dromedary water bag. 5.1oz. 3-in-1 cap for filling/drinking/squirting. Wide mouth fits MSR water filters. Never used.
    Retail $27, available for $20 including shipping.

    5) Tents (I have 3) ..... ah hahahaha. Who am I talking to??? Nevermind.

    Retail prices were taken from REI. There may be better prices out there. I didn't research that extensively. As noted above, I will pick up the shipping on all items.

    PM me if interested.
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