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    HH Expedition & SS Question

    I ordered a mismatch (sale) setup. I was supose to get a green expedition and a tan explorer fly. As well as a SS.

    Well it ended up being a tan hammock with a green fly. No big deal, but the SS under cover doesn't seem to fit, it seems to short.

    I spoke with Tom because I thought maybe they sent me an Explorer hammock (larger) with an Expedition (smaller) SS undercover. We went over some measurements and he was confident that I got the correct hammock and under cover.

    After about 10 uses the SS under cover is tearing at the ends.

    Does anyone else have a closeup photo of the SS under cover installed on an Expedition?

    Here is mine. Does this look right? I can't even attach the under cover bridles to the sliding knot hook, I have to tie it off as close to the suspension ropes as possible or it is just way too taunt.

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