well its a gadget. What can I say. People love em or hate em.
What does it do ?
Brunton ADC Wind:

ADC Wind
Measure the wind speed, check out the current temperature and even measure water flow with the push of a button.

* Displays current, max and average wind speed (in km/h, mph, ft/s, m/s, or knots)
* Shows current temperature
* Past 24 hour temperature tendency
* Wind chill
* Average wind chill and minimum wind chill
* Wind chill alarm
* Water flow meter
* Real time clock
* Time,day and date
* Chronograph operation
* Race timer
* Waterproof

Came with a mini CD which includes full manual and additional product info.
I lost this somewhere in my move. Not having this CD DOES NOT affect usability of the device in any way.
The full manual is available online as a .PDF here:

I have had the device for 2 years and it needs a fresh battery. Runs on standard lith-ion watch batteries from any dollar store.

$40.00 USD. + shipping.
device is small and light. will fit in a small bubble wrap envelope and ships Small Packet Airmail for $10 - $13 to the lower 48. PM me if interested and provide shipping info for an exact total with shipping.