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    More versatile ridgeline

    I posted last week that I found the transition from the hammock body into the footbox uncomfortable under my legs. The suggestions included placeing something under my legs (which I already do) and allow more sag. Well, I found that more sag was good. In fact, it turns out that I like a LOT of sag. So much so that the ridgeline doesn't hold up the mosquito netting. So, I decided to do a mod to give me complete ridgeline flexibility ... including removing it completely.

    I removed the existing ridgeline and replaced it with 2 sections. The 1st is about 6' long and teminates in an eyesplice. The 2nd piece is a whoopie sling with about 18" of adjustment. I placed the whoopie as close to the end section as possible so the hanging section wouldn't bother me. I attach the 2 sections with a biner. Below is a closeup picture of the mod. (I don't intend to use the overkill CAMP biner in the picture)

    Now, I can choose to have a pretty taut ridgeline (I'm not sure why I would want to do that) ...

    Or a very saggy one (not sure why I'd do that either) ..

    But in either case, once I've adusted the suspension and have the hammock to my comfort level, I can get inside and adjust the whoopie until the netting is in a good position.

    Finally, when I just want to kick back and relax ... without the ridgeline in my back, I disconnect the biner and ... well, there you have it.

    BTW, if anyone plans to do this, it's pretty straigtforward using SloBro's instructions here:

    The only suggestion I have is to get a small pair of 2-3" long needle nose pliers. It make's threading the Amsteel through the gathered end of the hammock much easier ... without having to untie any knots.

    Hangin' ROCKS!

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    Nice. I've been wondering when someone would make a removable ridgeline for the BlackBird.

    Welcome to the BlackBird-Modification club.
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