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    Inexpensive Down Mummy Bag to Quilt candidate...


    While surfing some other backpacking light forums I came across the following item that I think would make a good candidate for either an under quilt or top quilt. Here are the specs.

    4" loft (for the total bag i.e. both layers.)
    90/10 down. 90% down 10% feathers reading the fine print on the fill power link on that site gives more details on that.
    2 lbs 15 oz. 85" long 30" wide when flat (60" total circumference)
    $99 plus shipping

    Any thoughts?



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    11.5 by 10 DRW
    diy conversion uq
    webing+ cord
    maybe too thin at the foot end for an uq but should do fine for top.
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    Done it....

    I just converted one of these bags to a TQ. It was a mess as this was my first DIY project in years. My thread insertion skills were never much and they're pretty much non-existent now.

    This was a seriously discounted bag I got a few years ago. The 20F temp rating was very, very optimistic but I really liked the center zip aspect. The discount was due to the uneven fill. A couple of baffles were pretty flat and a few others were very overfilled. The hood was super fluffy.

    So I basically hacked off the hood and a wedge shaped strip from each side starting at about 5" wide at the head and tapering to the zipper bottom. I saved as much of the down as possible to try and bulk up some of the flatter chambers. The synthetic filled draft tube got recycled as a nice squishy top edge of the quilt.

    I made a huge mess with the down pouring everywhere. I'd planned to harvest it as I cut the bag with my shop vac. I washed it out and let everything dry and installed a new filter paper. The harvest worked pretty well but getting it out of the canister and back into the sleeping bag proved tricky.

    I figured out too late that this bag has 2 solid baffles that run head/toe. I hadn't checked closely enough before I started refilling. I crammed several handfuls of down into each chamber before I realized it was only going in a few inches. I ended up reaching into the 2nd cell from the foot end and slashing a hole in this baffle and the one on the opposite side. I'm hoping with enough shaking and maneuvering I can get the down to distribute where I want it. It will involve though shaking it way down to the foot and back up into the chest or opposite side.

    I'd post some pics but my stitching looks like I turned my kid loose with a marker. As I mentioned, I stink and thread insertion. I'm hoping to try it out tonight as the temps are supposed to hit the low 40s.

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