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    Traveler + bugnet vs Blackbird

    Hi all,

    What are the pros and cons of each system. All things equal, there is a slight weight increase with traveler + bugnet (1.4oz). Is there any other differences that should be noted? Why do you prefer one system over the other? Different applications?

    Thank you for your help.

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    Different applications. I tend to use the my BlackBird when I expect insects, and the Traveler when I don't. I use the Traveler during the winter.

    My Traveler Net Review might answer any questions you have about it in particular.
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    Only for the sake of conveniences, I choose the Blackbird. That dang shelf is simply addictive.

    I have both and it's kind of one of those sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't things (Mounds and Almond Joy you pervs ). The Traveler is 9/10ths as comfortable as the Blackbird and I like the fact that you can take or leave the netting as needed. But, there's that shelf and I just can't help but be sucked into its vortex of convenience.

    While I'm slightly ashamed to admit it in a public forum; sometimes, when it's spooky out, and I'm being a big ol fraidy-cat, the Blackbirds somehow seem to be better at keeping the boogieman away. Don't know why I think that, but I feel more secure in the Blackbird. Plus, the shelf makes a nice place to keep my anti-boogieman Springfield .40.
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    WB Traveler

    I have a BB and a Traveler. On my past couple of trips I have used the Traveler out here in "bug free" AZ, and it has really grown on me. For me, the comfort of the 2 hammocks is nearly the same. I appreciate the simplicity of the Traveler. I enjoy the openness, the ability reach out from either side and also the flexibility to lay in whichever orientation I want to. It is much easier to adjust my underquilt when I can reach out on both sides. I thought I would miss the shelf a lot, but it wasn't that big of a deal to reach down to grab something. I also have a gear organizer that I hang from the ridgeline to hold miscellaneous items I want close at hand. I also used it to support the base of an UL umbrella so I could have some shade for my afternoon siesta (see attached photo). You can also see my white Ipod speaker hanging from the ridgeline. Creature comforts galore.

    I initially bought my Traveler for a more UL option. My SL1.7 Traveler (line/strap susp @15.45oz) weighs a full Lb less than my DL1.1 Blackbird (webbing/biner susp @32.15oz). But having done that I am now able to appreciate some of the other differences. Concerning suspension, I found after a few tries it is not really that much more difficult or time consuming to tie the slipped buntline hitch that Brandon recommends.
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