Ok after much anticipation I finally have the revised Fin top cover ready to go prime time. First of all I want to thank Fin for his generosity, help, advice, and well just a good gear BS session last week

So with out further wait here is the video of the new BB-0

And the Details

Based directly off of Fin's design we are using uncoated 1.1 oz ripstop nylon for breathability. This allows the cover to function without a condensation vent. This offers a simple no fuss design that once you set it on the hammock there is no adjustments to make. And I can speak to the fact that even though the fabric is very breathable it still traps a tremendous amount of heat over the bug net alone. The major modification over Fin's design is three fold, first, I have set a fixed tension on the cover - no cord locks to fiddle with and the cover is snugged right to the body of the hammock with no user adjustment. Second, in place of the adjustment cord-locks I have added 3" pull tabs to the corners that hook over the whipping bundle. These pull tabs are easy to grab with gloves on and are easy to find in the dark when setting up in less than ideal conditions. Lastly I have changed the velcro wing tie out closure to No Snag velcro to help prevent damage to the No See-um netting from the hook side.

So Initially I will be offering these in the MARPAT Camo and if there is enough intrest in SharkSkin Grey as well. They will come with a black DWR stuff sack that is included in the weight of 5.4 oz (stuff sack weighs 1/4th oz on its own for those that care)

Price is $75.00 plus shipping (should be $5.00 any were in the us)
And turn around after order will be about a week as I am waiting on my fabric to all get in stock. I will try to get them out as fast as possible.

PayPal is preferred at the address in my Signature line.