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    I tried getting into my BA bag last night without the pad.

    Houdini would have had a hard time

    I just tried it now by getting 90% into the bag standing up and leaving my left arm loose.

    Worked very well and with a bit of practice will be really easy.

    I like it better than a TQ so far, the coverage between the UQ and the side of the bag are good and because of bad joints I can squirm around all I need with no cold spots.

    Makes me wonder about how a Wall Creeper would do.

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    You can use the BA as a top quilt by unzipping it and pushing the bottom to one side. This still forms a "footbox" down low to keep your feet under the insulation, and the bag can be used as usual on the ground later, or with a pad to supplement an underquilt in a hammock. With a pad in it, just treat it like a bed -- unzip, throw top out of the way, lay on the pad, pull top over you, zip as desired. Don't try to zip it up without a pad in it, unless you enjoy pushing chains.

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