Ok so for those who haven't stumbled across it: ShakeyLeggs coined the term "Hammock Hangin Mafia" in a recent post. The mental image was so great, I worked up a little logo that people seemed to think was nifty. After some requests for putting it on shirts and hats and whatnot, I figured the best bet was to pass it on to attroll.

He made some great suggestions (as did many of you fellow members - including a great slogan by FanaticFringer!). So what he wants to do is this: if you all seriously want it on a shirt, lets pick out what you want as the "official" version! After that "Official Version" is selected, we'll run it by attroll for final approval and then he can put it on some shirts!

I'll list the current version below, and you guys throw out whatever ideas you want. Sky is the limit. Colors, content, whatever you want to suggest. Then when we narrow it down we can do a poll. Whichever one wins after, say, a week, we will then pass on to attroll.

So here is the beta version as it stands. Post your suggestions!