had planned a quick overnighter in a local state park on friday, daughter(9) had plans to ask me if a friend could stay overnight unaware of my plans to take her and her 5 yr old sister out camping, anyways had the friend come with,fully explained that a tent was there in case of very foul weather and for changing But if she needed or wanted she could sleep in the tent weather report was perfect. mid 60's for a low at night. We got back sat afternon. The friends mom picked her up, she explained to mom she spent the night in a hammock, thought it was awesome had awesome time, did the smore's thing.Mind you this kids parents don't take her camping??? mom told me I was iresponsible for letting 2 9yr old girls sleep in hammocks. Did not give me her reasoning on why!!! So could you all maybe shed some light on what she means??? PS.... I was asked by my daughters friend when can she go "hang" again with us and gave me a hug said" thank you " for a great time