Hello All,
I live in Baltimore and find that most of the hammock get togethers are taking place in the southern states. Do any of you living in the Mid-Atlantic region, i.e., MD, DE, PA, N. VA, etc., have an interest in starting a non-formal, loose knit group to get together once or twice a year...or whatever... to talk/hang hammocks in the area? I broached Just Jeff about his possible interest in getting together with a group of us at a trailhead in the future and talking hammocks with us and those who wish could then keep hiking or head home depending on their schedules. He was open to the idea since he gets to DC from time to time, but he is pretty busy during this trip.
I also wonder if any of the hammock manufacturers or hammock "gurus" would be interested in meeting with us if we had enough people involved. Just a thought.
In any case, I thought that I'd throw the idea out and see what others in the area think.
Michael Quitt