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    WBBB and Eastern Screech-Owl

    I was on the Long Trail for the past few days and last night had an unusual experience. On the north shore of Stratton Pond I set the Warbonnet up (using the new Dutch clips), had dinner, and around dusk was about to climb into the WB when I noticed that there was an Eastern Screech-Owl perched on the first limb above where the foot of the hammock was attached. I was about four feet away and eventually got within three feet before it moved to where the head end was attached. I've never been this close to an owl before and can only figure that it was interested in or curious about the Warbonnet BB.

    With good weather expected I hadn't put up the tarp and I spent the time before I went to sleep looking up for the owl and the expected noise, but it remained quiet throughout the night. About 4 AM I was awakened by the sound of an unknown animal making it's last scream. I hate that sound since it's so obvious that it was the victim's last.

    I camped on far side of the pond in photo below, just beyond where the pole on the left is. Carrying MLD Revelation pack and using Gossamer Gear Lightrek 4 poles.

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