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    Honestly, I don't see why lightweight backpacking and comfort are mutually exclusive. Once I setup camp, I'm as comfortable now (carrying 15 pounds on my back) as I was carrying 45 pounds. My equipment is lighter now but I also found I carried a bunch of stuff I really didn't need or use. It took several years of experimentation and many trips to find the right combination for me. If a person is happy with the weight they are carrying, I don't think anyone is trying to convince them otherwise. HYOH.

    Ultra-lightweight backpacking can also be a challenge. Just like someone might see how fast they can do a marathon or a thru-hike, a person might also want to push themselves to see how minimalistic they can hike a particular trail. If I were ever to do that, it would be for my own personal satisfaction that I could. I don't expect I'd be doing it on a regular basis. Comfort is still too important to me.
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