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    Prairie Travois Hammock Stand

    This weekend at Hot Springs, there was talk about some kind of radial hammock stand that holds several hammocks. It reminded me of our discussion in this thread, based on the following sketch from Ashley's Book of Knots:

    I posted the following comment:
    Quote Originally Posted by MacEntyre about a prairie travois that converts into a hammock-stand-teepee; the polygonal tarp would provide a five foot overhang, so you could walk around the whole teepee under shade. It would have a hole in the center so you could build a fire in the middle.
    Slowhike said he would help me build this stand in my backyard.

    I made a 1"=1' scale model using 23" arrow sections, and little 9" hammocks hung 6" up each pole, 12" apart. Next step requires math, to figure out how short the poles can be without risking collapse.

    Since it's a three hammock stand, I guess we need another cohort.
    Anyone want to help us make one of these?

    If it works, we'll have to do a road trip to Arizona for field testing.

    - MacEntyre
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    - MacEntyre
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