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    Need input for cutting BB pad

    I am ready to make my first attempt at cutting my landau foam. I found the attached diagram posted by Teemu Kalvas in "PADS" under the thread "CCF pads affecting hammock lay". It seems to be the best description I have found so far for a starting point on a BB. He is 6'-0" and I am 6'-2" so I will probably add 2" to his length.

    I am working on the assumptions that the right end is the foot end and that the second 10-1/2" cut from the right end should be at my waist with the 11-3/4" distance between the cuts being adjusted for butt size. Am I right on this? Also, I am trying to figure out the 5-1/2" x 15-3/4" corner cut. Any ideas as to it's purpose? Where should it be located when lying on the pad? Should it really be cut on all 4 corners?

    I realize that Teemu would be the best source to answer these questions and I sent him a PM. While I wait on his response, does anyone have any ideas or comments?

    Thanks, Mark
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    The corner cut is at the head end and allows the pad to lay diagonally in the hammock.

    This is pretty much the design that I came up with. I started out by laying down on my pad and measuring to just below my knees. I put the pad in the BB and then kept cutting off the corner until it would fit the way I wanted. I didn't do the vertical slits and mine bunched up but not enough to really bother me. You might want to do the slits last to see if you really need them or to that extent.

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    i've done the cuts before and liked them (the ones that go into the pad) will make the pad more fragile but it won't buckle. those really just need to be just above and below your hips. mine were actually acute triangles that i removed, they would close when in use, the slits should just cause the foam to overlap which should work too in theory, haven't tried it that way though.

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    So how do you stop the pad from tearing where you make those vertical cuts? I tried it with a bit of cheap ccf and it tore the first time I used it. I put some gaffer tape at 90 degrees to the cuts but it still seemed pretty flimsy. Any thoughts?
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    I would just go with the gaffers tape in the vertex of the triangle. The gaffers is probably a lot better for that then Duct tape also

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