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    Red River Gorge Trip Mar 12-15, 2015

    Hello all ye fellow Hammockers,
    Well finely got some down time to write about my first real hammock hike/camp trip. It started for me by watching videos of hammock camping, and then I started looking a group to camp with locally. While watching a YouTube by Shug at the end he posted a link to I went on line and there I connected with one named Corrosive Cookie who was going to host a hike/camp at Red River Gorge from the 12th -15th of March. I asked if I could attend and he said sure. We talked through the forum until the date of the hike/camp. A small group of people were to attend. I would be meeting C.C. out of Louisville Ky. with over two years of experience on Thursday evening the 12th to set up a quick camp and meet up with the others on Friday. C.C. when I called him at the meet point said a J3bags would also meet us. We meet up and went to make camp and finalize plans for the group. Up to this time I had been putting together or making my own gear.
    That night we set up camp and C.C. showed me a few tricks to setting camp and told me about a system a friend was bringing extra I might like to try, I agreed. On Friday we met up with the rest of the group as follows, Sirmarkos (Mark) and CD901 (Chris), out of Louisville, Ky. with two years each camping, Sodapop (Jennifer) and Skittles (Kim) out of Louisville Ky., their very first weekend, Shellhammockalex (Alex) out of Danvile Ky., with over eleven years, he also brought the extra equipment for everyone to try and myself, Badwind7, from Taylor Mill NKY. We all hit it off and got along well. We shared stories, food and equipment. When C.C. showed me how to lighten my pack load I forgot to repack my top quilt, but that was no problem, like I said everyone shared. Sodapop gave me a thin cover, C.C. let me use his light down jacket and I was sleeping in Shellhammcok 40* double hammock from Alex. One of the best night’s sleep I ever had even though it did get down to 38* by my temp gauge. C.C. was the perfect hoist, he made sure not set to fast a pass for us newbies and made sure all were safe. On Saturday night we all set around the campfire while C.C. cooked a big roast he brought for all to eat, again all shared what we had and it was a great time. We all had a really good, safe time, thank you C.C. (AKA, D.J.)
    Even though it rained the entire weekend I look forward to sharing with these seven new friends more good times hiking and hammock camping.

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    It was a great trip and as always learned some new things. Thanks for tagging along.

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