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    hh supershelter question?

    what up all!!

    i have both the hennesy EXPEDITION ASYM and also the ULTRALITE BACKPACKER A-SYM. i want to camp this winter, how ever the supershelter looks confusing. how do you get in with the pad and the under cover attached. also is it a pain? before i go buy it i want to know if its worth the money on the product. thanks

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    I like it. I don't have a rpoblem getting in or out but I do have the Explorer so it is a little bigger. For money I think it is best setup available for the HH. But it has to be used with the space blanket/ Heat Sheet. I've got a couple of vids on the Super Shelter in the vid section.

    I've taken it into the teens with a cheapo coleman 0* sleeping bag. You can buy lighter but I don;t think you can get better _for the money_.
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    The only choices that come close to the price/performance of the SS is a KAQ Potomac and a JRB Shenandoah. Both are more expensive. KAQ, like SS, is synthetic. Shenandoah is down. I have no experience with a Shenandoah.

    I do have a KAQ and a SS, never a problem with either, have used both to sleep comfy in the teens, and have used them together in the teens.

    If I could only have one of them, I'd keep the KAQ.

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    i'v been looking at the SS also for my HH either that or a JRB nest....not sure on wht to get right now i'm using a pad i made out of Reflex insulation and thin layer of fleece stitched to the reflex works good but would like something with alittle less bulk

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