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    Good Choices for Strong & Light Suspension?

    For use with just about any hammock I eventually end up with, how's this setup for up to 400 lbs (never likely to see that much in it, but a little insurance is nice. I had me, son, and 65 lb. dog in a hammock yesterday - over 350 for sure).

    Hammock Bliss straps: ~3 oz., should be rated to 1200lbs or so.

    AmSteel 1/8" Dyneema cord: 2 8-foot pieces only 1.5 oz and rated to 1800lbs or so.

    Total would be 4 or 5 ounces. Add in two light 'biners and I'd have a very strong 6 or 7 ounce system that could handle trees 10' to about 24' apart.

    Are there better systems? Lighter but with the same strength?



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    I hang from this also: AmSteel 1/8" Dyneema cord: rated to 1800lbs or so.

    I use one piece about 30' long. It's both my ridge line & the suspension cords. It works GREAT! As the copy says, minimal stretch.

    Prior to this, I tried:
    25' of 1/2" climbers accy cord. Even the second night in the same spot, I would still need to take up slack 3 or 4 times a night, to keep from sleeping on the ground.
    25' of 4/3" flat webbing, nearly as bad stretch as the accy cord.
    Both took up a major amount of space in my pack and was very heavy. The 30' of Dyneema I can nearly hide in my hand, it takes up about as much space as a golf ball & 1/2. I've never weighed it, but it's way light. I tie to trees with the 2 ropes supplied with the hammock, using them as "tree huggers" They don't seem to stretch, & weigh little. They also take up little space. The ropes & my hammock (& snake skins & hammock sock) fit inside the very small top pocket on my pack.

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