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    Hennesy stuff Sack to black bishop sack?

    I'm wondering if this will work out on my HH Explorer: I reduced my pack volume by about 450 cu inches by doing this.

    I had the stock tarp separate from the hammock body and snake skins. What I did was to take the stock Hennesy Explorer stuff sack, turn it inside out, and cut two threads along the bottom seam, making it, in essence, a black bishop sack. I hooked the tarp to the tensioning lines outside of the snake skins, largely because I'd like to be able to hang out under the small tarp during rain.

    I fed one end of the hammock lines through the hole made in the seam of the stuff sack, then stuffed the tarp still hooked up to the hammock in it's snakeskins into the stuff sack.

    It all fit perfectly.

    I then coiled up the line sticking out the bottom around the stuff sack and tied it off with one end passing under the drawstring on the stuff sack.

    It should simplify setup considerably.

    Who said you can't use both the black bishop sack and snake skins?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Captn View Post
    Who said you can't use both the black bishop sack and snake skins?
    That's what I do, following the advice of others. However, I like to store my tarp-in-snakeskins separately, in case it is wet.

    - MacEntyre
    - MacEntyre
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    Quote Originally Posted by MacEntyre View Post
    ... I like to store my tarp-in-snakeskins separately, in case it is wet.
    - MacEntyre
    I completely agree ... but I don't carry the stock tarp anymore ... just my Equinox Sil in snakeskins ... in a separate mesh bag. That way I can keep it outside the pack ready to string up quickly when I need it or keep it way from everything else when it's wet.

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