A last minute change of plans yesterday gave me a free Friday night, so I took the Clark out to my company's private land for a "what the heck" overnighter. Forecast was for rain, but no matter, I really wanted to test out some stuff before the Fall Northern Hang.
I'm happy to say that the new Amsteel, Strapworks and cinch buckle suspension system works great and is quicker to set up and adjust than the stock system. I still have some dialing in to do on the length of the structural ridgeline though.
Arrived at the wooded site around 5:00pm and just got set up just before the rain kicked in. I ate some cheese and sausage and enjoyed a beer or three. Read a book for a few hours, and then zipped in for the night and turned on a movie on the iPod (Jaws) before nodding off to sleep.

I now know that I do NOT particularly like using a Big Agnes insulated air core mattress in my hammock. Yes, probably a good option if the temps were to drop unexpectedly, or if I have to go to ground, but overall not super comfy in a hammock. As the evening went on I kept letting more and more air out of it, trying to get comfy. Was quite warm though, used with a Big Agnes Crystal 30° bag. I woke up around 3:00 for a nature's call and realized I was fairly overheated even though I had not zipped the bag closed. I got out of the hammock and was surprised to find it was more chilly out than I thought, around 54° F. I was too tired at that time to dig out the underquilt and ditch the pad, so I just went back to sleep.

All in all, the Clark was a warm and comfortable haven for a rainy night in the woods!