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    Another spontaneous overnighter

    Similar to sir n0thing's recent trip, I just went on a spontaneous overnighter last night. I had no plans for the night, TV didn't sound appealing, so I decided to try out some of my new gear.

    I made a short drive to Lake Kegonsa State Park (Wisconsin). I was busy during the day yesterday, so I didn't get there until dinner time. Here was my gear:

    Warbonnet Blackbird (1.7 double)
    MacCat Delux tarp in Spinn
    Warbonnet Yeti underquilt (3 season version)
    Walmart CCF pad (cut for under my legs)
    Speer TopBlanket

    This was my first overnight outside hang, and my first experience with my new tarp and quilts. Set up was surprisingly fast, although I did set up the hammock before the tarp. I'd really like to get used to doing it in the reverse order so that I'm ready in case of rain. I was really pleased with how easy it was to pitch the tarp nice and tight. Excellence.

    It did take me a little time to get to sleep despite how comfortable it was. I expect that that won't be the case after a long day of hiking. I did have to adjust the yeti a few times (especially whenever I moved around a bit), but it was pretty easy. It got down to the mid 50's or so and I was a little warm, if anything. In skivies and T-shirt, nonetheless. Sockless and hatless.

    I can't rave enough about all of the products I used. I know they are each pretty popular, but I'd like to add my voice to the choir of praise. Top notch quality in every case!

    If testing out that gear wasn't enough, it was also a field test for my first alcohol stove I made a cat can stove, similar to the one on
    I just used it to boil some water in my GSI Tea Kettle. It worked OK, but I think I made too many holes. Next time I'll make fewer/smaller holes. There were some blue flames, but yellow flames persisted throughout the burn. Sorry, I don't have any pictures of the stove burning.

    For my meal, I made some Ramen noodles (without the spice pack) and added a Sun-Bird Hot & Spicy Szechwan seasoning pack. Well, I added about half the pack to 2 packs of Ramen which was plenty. Next time I might even add a little less of the seasoning pack (maybe 1/3rd per 2 packs of Ramen). It was pretty good (and a good level of spiciness for me). Definitely a better flavor than the included Ramen spice packs, for sure.

    I'm (hopefully) attaching some pictures I took. Enjoy!
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