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    kijaro mosquito net

    The other day, while looking for a cheaper bug net than the fronkey Dutch offers, I came across this little gem.

    The Kijaro Bug net runs about $34 shipped. which is about $25 cheaper than the fronkey and offers a few more options.

    So out of the box, this thing is HUGE. I'm sure i could get it into a smaller stuff sack, but i don't currently have any laying around.

    Once you set it up, this thing is 5'1 tall. I Found that If I set it at max height my tarp would be set up way off my hammock.

    I played around with the height and tried to get it down around my ridgeline, but i'm not sold on either height.

    it comes with four ultra light stakes with which to pull the corners so its not in your face

    The coolest feature about this probably came from this forum. I had read about someone doing this with the eno but net. They have shock cord sewn into the ends of the net to allow your suspension to pass through, secure it snugly, and prevent bugs from coming down your suspension to bug you. (see what i did there?)

    Setting it up wasn't that bad, but still kind of annoying as you have to unzip it, hang one side of your hammock, the do the other side.

    Once hung, I jumped inside and spent quite a few hours in it. My double sized, unmodified (as of yet) hammock annoyed me more than the net did. I had plenty of room to stretch out and relax.

    Now. there was one feature that i just, hands down, above all else.... did not like. it only has one zipper. so basically you have to go inside the net, zip it up half way, mount your hammock and then finish zipping it up. I really wish it had dual zippers.

    all in all, i'm keeping the tags on it. i don't know that i will keep it just because of the stuffed size, the amount of time it takes to set up, and the zipper issue. but at least we all know about it now.

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    This net doesn't get a lot of love because it weighs so much (1.7 lbs.) and the design is a bit lacking.
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    Length is also an issue. Definately would not work with a 10ft+ hammock

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    LOL hmmmm... lol.jpg
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    So muckypops, is that like the hammock forums version of an inside joke? Get it.... cause the hammock is inside the net......

    What length is your hammock?

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    hahaha im glad i wasnt the only one thinking that when looking at that on amazon.

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