Back from our first hammock trip to the BWCA. Just a short 6 day jaunt from Sawbill Lake (North of Tofte, MN) to Grace Lake and back. Three of us in hammocks (one JRB BMBH, one WBBB and one ENO DN) and one on the ground. Lucked out with beautiful temperatures mostly in the high 60's during the day and 40-50's at night with no rain. Fishing was adequate to provide dinner most nights, but not spectacular like some prior trips. Bass and Northern Pike. Sadly no Lake Trout or Walleyes this trip.

Had a moose crashing through the forest a short bit behind our first camp prompting my wife to recommend a closer hang of our two hammocks. Ended up with both hammocks under our WB Superfly. This was an awesome buy which will be going with us on lots of trips in the future (Thanks Brandon!).

The only downside, was the realization that Staci and I missed sleeping together on this trip even though our hammocks were a foot away from each other. Somehow our trip together didn't seem as "together" as prior trips on the ground. So I have promised my lovely wife to study Dblhammock's double bridge creation to see if we could make something like that for future trips...

Too many pics to post here, so here's a link: