After already spending a fare amount of cash on a WBBB, SF tarp and a bunch of Dutch bling I needed to take a breather. Being a DIY kind of guy.... I like to, what my wife calls "tinker". She was about as speechless as I've ever seen her in forty years when she came home and found me bent over her sewing machine. Scrapes of material and yards of thread laying all round me. Long story, longer, after making a couple stuff sacks for misc. gear I took on making a sewn woobie. Until now I'd been using the liner in the "no sew form". Whether it helped or not I added a thin layer of poly quilt material between the layers. Ringed it with gross grain and strung the shock cords. At 5'-8" it's just shy of a full UQ for me. The problem I had was keeping it covering my left shoulder and opposite foot box area of the BB. After shortening the side shock cords a bunch I added a loop and an S biner to the foot and shoulder ends of the end shock cords which were made extra long. I was able to rig these to a tarp CRL and adjust the length to pull the UQ in an asymmetrical orientation. This has worked the last two 45* and 40* nights here in IN to keep both problem areas of the UQ in place all night. This along with a Marmot 30* bag and I was comfortable and slept like a baby. "Necessity is the mother of invention" but I'm not claiming I invented anything. I'm guessing someone on HF most likely has come up with this solution before me. All I can say is it works.
Sorry for the sideways pics. can't figure out how to fix em. And yes I'm hangin in my screen porch. Don't have any trees in the backyard. Next project is a couple removable post.