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    La Siesta Colibri Hammock - Single

    This is the La Siesta Hammock that has been in Costco Canada for the past few months.

    I'm writing this review because I wasn't able to find any actual user information online.

    The stated dimensions are 4'11" x 8'2" my measurements are 4'10 and 8' so they are quite close to what they claim. The weight of the actual hammock is approximately 14-oz on an analog scale without the included ropes. It will definitely be lighter when the channel ropes are replaced with amsteel. The included suspension system weighs roughly 14-oz as well.

    This is a very attractive and well made gathered-end hammock. The hammock is made of a silky soft parachute nylon similar to the Grand Trunk and the ENO but it feels slightly heavier. As this is single-sized there is one main panel in one of four colours of your choice (turquoise, orange, lime and fuschia) that is trimmed with the same parachute nylon (triple folded for added durability) in a chocolate brown. The seams are densely triple stitched both at the trim area and at the end channels in a thick thread that matches the feature colour of the hammock.

    The main feature of a La Siesta hammock is their easy-to-use suspension system with patented hook. The system consists of polyester rope with a sexy organically-shaped feels-good-in-the-palm-of-your-hand hook that enables one to adjust the hand in any increment. The suspension system is included with the hammock so it's all ready to go. No additional purchases need to be made in order to hang.

    The product is also extremely user friendly. There are fold-out tags sewn into the inside of the bag printed with Ikea-esque pictograms with instructions on how to use the included suspension system as well as ideas on where to hang from as well as how to hang. Perfect for first timers and the knot-phobic/challenged.

    I am short (5'2") and find that this hammock is comfortable for me. Someone taller would definitely want a longer hammock for anything more than lounging. What I like about this hammock over the ENO and GT Single is that the center fabric is wider. The ENO and GT Single have a smaller center panel and wider side panels (so they match the double size in the same collection) but the overall width is almost the same. This means that on the ENO and GT Single my head and feet are on stiff ridge caused by the triple stitched seams that connect the panels. However the ENO and the GT are both at least an entire foot longer so one can lay closer to the 1 o'clock position to avoid those seams and still remain relatively flat.

    The pouch for this hammock is sewn on the side and is small. I had to pry the suspension system out of the bag but had trouble getting it back in. The hammock itself stuffs back in with no problems. As the bag is long and narrow, the roll method won't work here.

    Overall I'm impressed by the quality of workmanship of this German-designed, Indian-made hammock. It's short but perfect for short people like me. I am also absolutely in love with the turquoise colour

    I bought this hammock on STP with coupons which brought the price down to sub $30 (closer to $20.) Costco Canada has it for about CAN$50 + tax which is awfully close to the US$MSRP. At full MSRP there are cottage vendors that could offer similar or better products with a basic suspension system thrown in.

    NOTE: The hammock I received did not have the tabs along the edge as shown in the product photo. These tabs are meant to be used for staking the hammock fully opened for use as a beach blanket. I find them useful for keeping my TQ and UQ in place. I'm not sure if the tabs are on their current stock as my hammock from STP was a closeout item.
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