So far the site choices are:

Wise shelter;
A great site, the traditional location for our hangout, close to the road, Mostly level & nice trail, 2 reliable water sources, a nice shelter - table & fire pit for socialization, on / near several trails for day hikes, Right on the AT, etc.
Minimal parking, getting hard to find hanging sites for as large a group we have been having, Access trail crosses a "get your feet wet" stream, rather close to the ranger station.

Old Orchard shelter;
A great site, close to a road, trail crosses no streams, Ample parking, AMPLE hanging sites over a large area (It used to be a tree farm / orchard), on the AT & near several other trails for day hikes, reportedly reliable spring, nice privy, Right on the AT, etc.
Not the traditional site, May be harder to find: parking / road wise, smaller (to my eye) shelter, Only one water source, trail to shelter somewhat steeper.

Over Mountain shelter;
Interesting shelter, semi historical (parts of a movie were supposed to be shot here), a lot of hanging sites, reportedly reliable spring, privy, lots of room in / around the shelter for socialization, a decent fire pit, a GREAT view from the shelter down to the valley below, compared to the others this shelter is HUGE, some side trails for day hikes (the first 30’ or so of the shelter trail is, I think, the Over Mountain trail) with some “killer views” a short distance away on the AT, etc.
A LONG way from roads with parking or a close trailhead with questionable / non existent parking, not sure how reliable the spring is: in 08 after a moderately wet spring & 2 days of straight rain it wasn’t bad, but not “super”, the privy is not enclosed - at all, The hanging sites are (I think) ample but spread out - I remember it being more spread out than at Wise.

So far there have been no other suggestions for sites.