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    UCR Adjustable Ridgeline, with ring, what else do I need?

    Thinking about getting one of the adjustable ridgelines from Dutchware

    it's the one he shows in the video with the black ring option, obviously there is the black ring to purchase - and then my question is, what else do I need to order, is there a carabiner on both ends of the ridgeline, so I buy a ring and two carabiners?

    And I've seen videos of how to attach these ridgelines to whoopieslings but I'll have an ENO doublenest with atlas straps, what's the best method to attach a ridgeline like this, or would an entirely different one be better for some reason? I like the concept of adjustable to dial in best sag in different scenarios, and the option to simply remove carabiner to lower the ridgeline, don't care too much about weight...

    Thanks in advance for any advice/opinions on this particular setup!

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    Just noticed this thread when I was looking for UCR info. I imagine you got this straightened out with Dutch(?)

    With the ring, it wouldn't be an UCR. A length of 7/64 Amsteel and the ring would do it. The fixed-end loop could be tied or spliced and the end attached to the ring could be done the same way. The loops could simply be placed over the hammock suspension ends. Or, if you wanted to have it more permanently attached, you could capture the fixed end in the suspension and capture a ring or loop of cord on the adjusting end. If you did that, you might want to put a carabiner somewhere to get the ridgeline out of the way when simply lounging.

    Hope this helps, if it's not too late.

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