I just got back. Here is the post as to why I had to cut my hike short;


I do have a question though. I had my Hammock set up at the Ed Garvey shelter.(not in) I had a great hang but no matter what I did I ended up sleeping on my bug netting. I used my JrB Nest, No Sniveller, and blue wally world pad. I slept in my t-shirt and shorts. Woke up a bit warm I only had my legs covered. But like I said no matter what I did I ended up on my bug netting. I wasn't tossing and turning but just could not get the bug netting to stay on top. I did not sleep well as it was my first night of the trip and that part was expected. I was sleepng 30 to 45 min at a time then I would wake up and try to readjust so the bug net was on top. Any Idea?