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    We've all hit the ground once or twice but your senses of humor is priceless. Welcome to the club welcome to HF and hang safe? Just remember the number one rule to hanging. Never hang higher then you want to fall.
    Sometimes I like to hike and think, And sometimes I just like to hike.

    Hiking is'ent about waiting for the storm to pass its about learning to hike in the rain.

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    Fun read, thanks for sharing. Now this explains, possibly, my first attempt. I was being helped by a friend, a woman, in the dark. I got the hammock over a year before I attempted to hang it. Stayed on the ground for some inexplicable reason, now that I have been in a hammock. Anyways, she has a HH and was willing to help. Now, I also did not bother to check back in here before leaving for a refresher. Possibly a big mistake. How hard can it be? The fellow I got the hammock from had it set up very nicely with whoopies, tree straps and attached toggles. It was perfect. Like a pro set-up. We got the tree straps on, that part I remembered. Then I am staring at the toggles...trying to remember that fish something. She says, "No, you just hang these over the toggle" I said, "I don't think so, that little orange rope does not look strong enough to hold your bigger than the average bear." "And that loop is single thread." She assured me that was how to do it. Ok, she had hanging experience and I will try anything at least once. "Ok, try it." she says. I don't think I got one foot off the ground when I was weightless, for like a second. Dang, that got my attention and my memory working. I got the fish thing done and remembered Shug saying, "Make sure you have your whoopie on the knot and not the toggle." Like five times. Ahhh, three nights of blissful sleep after that. Figuring out how to get it just right, the dog, and all has been worked out, it is really great sleeping. Have fun working your hang out.

    Good thing there is plenty of time till Christmas light hanging! No worries.
    If it moves, you can eat it. No promises you will think it tastes good.

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