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    Quote Originally Posted by TeeDee View Post
    "Actual doors" ???

    Your best bet is to stop by Lowes or Home Depot. The lumber section should have a wide selection.

    Are you sure you want "actual doors". They are rather cumbersome to pack or are you van camping??
    Of course, that is why I got spinn in the first place, so it would offset the weight of the lumber.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ramblinrev View Post
    bra hooks _can_ be sewn on by machine if you are willing to futz a little.
    Drop the feed dogs so the fabric does not move. Set the zigzag width to land in the holes of the piece. The hook and the eye both have loops that are used to sew them on. Once the zigzag is set it is probably easiest to turn the fly wheel by hand so that you don't get too many stitches set in there. Particularly with the hook as a thick slab of thread can block the hook opening making it difficult to fasten them properly. The alternative is to purchase hook tape. Iy can be found in the wedding/prom gown supplies. The tape has hooks/eyes set every inch or so and is sewn on similar to the way you would sew velcro. If you have to do a long stretch of many hooks it can be nice to have.
    Thanks Rev. I have seen the hook tape and it sounds like a decent possibility.

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