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    taut sides on a Diy Hammock

    Hey guy's, Long time creeper here but going for my first post.

    Made a couple gathered end hammocks with end channels for me and a buddy of mine.

    Getting use to my new machine and using ripstop for the first time I decided to keep the first hammock as my own due to imperfections and learning with some new machine feet.

    Anywho the first of the few hammocks has very taut sides when you are laying in it, to the point of it wrapping around you. every other one ive made has fairly slack sides to where you can look out of the hammock while you are laying in it. Squared off the ends the same for all 5 of them.

    Would it be an issue of one of the sides more of rounded ( than square [ ?

    How do you guys square off a 60" by 10ft length of fabric in limited spaces ?

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    You can make catcuts on the sides, even on one side if you want to but be careful not to overdo it. Catcuts are inwards going curves. Don’t make outwards going curves on the sides. It will give floppy sides.
    On the ends it’s a different story. If you look around in the DIY section you will find a lot of hints, some works and some don’t it’s all about preference.
    Cutting the fabric:
    Fold it in half and measure from the fold. Use tape to hold the fabric to the floor.
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    Live and learn.

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