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    Unveiled! the Winter Coat (

    When the temps drop, every Squirrell's gotta have a winter coat!

    Happycamper1 and Angrysparrow are the first to have a te-wa underquilt winter edition and im proud to announce that 1 week from now, starting October 15th i will be producing the "Winter Coat"

    ~40" x 52"
    vertical, 3.5" mesh baffles overstuffed to 4" on differential cut
    with 12 ounces of 800+ down
    1.1 ripstop shells, calendared and DWR
    18oz total weight
    i feel it should take most users into the teens.

    click my signature for more details, pricing, and info.

    We'll be looking forward to your initial impressions, Tracy and Sam!
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