The Dutch Clip has lifted over 1300 pounds without bending at all. They are built with overkill for good reason. The retention hook does a good job of keeping the webbing in place. Iafte has an embarassing vid of me falling to the ground from trying to use one without the hook so I know the importance of it. The area that the webbing sits into is design so that the webbing won't slide back and forth esentially sawing your webbing. However the loop that holds your clip will wear and eventially need changed. I'm sure the same thing would happen with a biner or any time you have metal pulling with all your wieght repeatedly. It probably causes less wear than using rope because that can be more abrasive tahn the metal. I have used clips on webbing for over 2 years now and there is a little wear on the loop. It isn't to the point that I am ready to fix it yet and it doesn't happen over night. But it is a good idea to inspect your suspension regularly for wear and one of the first places to wear is the loop. The solution is simple. Cut off the loop and sew another. Also I have the opening on the bottom so gravity is working in your favor.