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    hanging with my girls

    I took my oldest two daughters out this weekend

    using my All in one ala Jeff I made as a hammock.

    taking a swing

    My Double layer hammock with walmart tarp.

    It was fun and educational. Brought up some questions for you "experts out there' First I know I must make a tarp, the Rectangle wally world job stinks, but it is something I already had. O.k where to begin. I had lots of stretch in the webbing on my hammock so I need to replace that. I gathered my ends incorrectly and I am not sure what I did wrong. I guess on my test hammock I had beginners luck because it layed perfect. I then untyed the knot and regathered and whipped it. Well, The middle (all the way down the center, was tighter than the sides and I could not lay on the diagonal. I layed in it along time thinking I would deal with it and fix it in the morning but decided after awhile to get up and fix it. THat when I noticed that the wipping was actually slipping off the hammock. I had pulled them extremly tight using two pliers so I wonder if my large weight ( i weight 330lbs, but dropping quick) caued it to slip off? Any suggestions?
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