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Thread: zipper help

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ramblinrev View Post
    What you actually have is 2 flat pieces. One on each side. The flat pieces are long to keep the teeth _just_ above the tip of the fastening wedge. As I look at it, the machining need not be terrible precise I don't think. But the length is critical.

    Try this... oif you can visualize what I am suggesting..

    Take the ends that have been cut off. File off the teeth so you have just the crimped part of the tooth left on the zipper tape. Then see if the concept appears to work. You can fill the spaces between the ground down teeth with epoxy to stabilize them and machine them down properly. Get a trash zipper from some where and salvage the end stop from it to crimp onto the end of the zipper tape. The more I think about this the more realistic it might become. Have fun.
    I have been able to remove the starting tab from another zipper. I removed some teeth on a practice section. This is going to work out well. I removed the teeth looking through a microscope and real fine cutters. Zippers are fasinating through a microscope. So i should be able to have a 17 foot seperating coil zipper that opens in the center and has 2 double pull tabs and starter peices on each end. If there are hammocks in heaven I can only imagine they woud have zippers just like this.
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    My friend suggested something simple yesterday... fill the space between teeth with other teeth, set backwards.

    Remove a tooth from another zipper segment, and place it reversed between two teeth where you want to make a terminal.
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